Bend OR Moving Help

Our Bend   Moving Help are experts in the loading and unloading of  rental trucks. We are very experienced with U-HaulPenske,and Budget trucks. We have developed a comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of the rental truck companies. Click here to view rental truck guide. Our Bend Movers also have expertise in the loading and unloading of   ABF U-Pack  trailers and PODS containers. All of our Bend Moving Help are experienced professionals with the tools to get the  job done.

Our  local Bend movers have vast experience with all the details of a  successful move. The Veterans know precisely what materials  to use to  and how to properly pack fragile items. We understand the sentimental  value of those special personal items and we ensure that they are  handled with the care they deserve. We are upholding the Veteran name  and have a personal stake in doing a good work.  This is not just a job  to us. The pride we take in a job well done assures that your move will  be smooth and efficient.

Upon  arrival, we will preform a quick appraisal of your possessions and  calculate how and where to efficiently load your belongings. The goal is  to maximize the space and to also ensure that no damage occurs during  your trip. We pack the truck (Pod, ABF trailer, etc...) tight and we  pack it right!  Each and every time. When you arrive at your  destination, everything is safe and sound!

We  quickly and carefully unload your rental truck (ABF trailer, POD),  treating your possessions as if they were our very own. Our Bend OR Movers are friendly, professional and patient and will arrange and  rearrange your things as many times as you like. We understand how  stressful moving can be and we do our very best to make certain that  your move go smoothly and will be stress free.


  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Storage units
  • Military bases
  • Businesses
  • College campuses
  • Conventions
  • Auctions
  • Anyplace else


We  provide local as well as state to state long distance moves. Local  labor and moving labor services. One of our many professional local  moving teams can load you in one state and city and and another  professional crew unload you in another state and city. Our nationwide moving labor service is available in all 50 states and most cities and towns.


 Our  Bend Movers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work  on weekends and holidays and on last minute moves. We have many  references from satisfied and grateful customers.

                    Bend Moving Help Specialty Services:

  • Piano  moving- Our Bend Moving Help are strong and experienced.  We  possess the necessary skills and tools to move grand and upright pianos.
  • Gun safes- We have vast experience, the know how and tools to move the heaviest gun safes.
  • Senior  Moves- Senior citizens and the elderly have a special place in the  hearts of our Veterans. We truly appreciate their contributions and  honor their lives. To us its not just  about moving boxes and furniture  its about moving people and lives. We can help with downsizing and  moving into memory care, assisted living and senior living facilities.


As  Military Veterans ourselves we have personally experienced many PCS and  TDY moves. We have also performed many PCS/TDY moves for active duty  Service Members. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on everything  from how to deal with transportation offices to loading the truck.

With  proper planning it is very possible to make money from a PCS or TDY  move. This involves letting transportation office know you desire to do a  DITY (do-it-yourself-move) or a PPM (personally procured move). We take  care of everything, you don't have to lift a finger and you can rest  assured we got your back.

There are a lot of horror stories  going around about Government Movers destroying and damaging household  goods. Household goods have gotten lost and delayed while service  members are at their new duty station wondering when and if they will  see their stuff again.

Hiring our Bend Moving Help will  alleviate all those types of worries. We will take care of your  possessions like they are our own and help you put some money in your  pocket.


Bend or moving help. WEATHER FOR YOUR MOVING DAY.